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25 Years Accounting

Business & Compliance Consulting 

Serving International Businesses in China

Our Group


CanAsia Group was established in 2008 and since then we have been providing financial due diligence (“FDD”) services to US and European funds and assists them in the potential investment in Chinese technology companies and in the medical industries.  We have carried out these FDD related services on more than 200 target entities over the past 12 years.


CanAsia Group is a new form of management consulting firm that combines traditional professional accounting knowledge with the state of the art investment banker mentality in the capital market understanding and business financial analytics.  The Group is established in 2008 in Shanghai and later it expanded to Hong Kong, Beijing and recently to Shenzhen and Guangdong Province.  We have accumulated vast hands-on experience in consulting projects relating to financial due diligence on Chinese technology targets and fund raising as well as trade sales of Chinese companies in various stages of their life cycle.


With the accumulated knowledge in the industries, we started in 2013 on providing international quality acting CFO services to fast growing companies and to complicated cross border businesses.  We also succeeded in acting for the sell side – in their fund raising and their ultimate sale of the business.

Recent development


We recently developed our proprieary ERP software CanCan 看看™ for applying automation and/or AI to repeated accounting works.  This allows our consultants to focus on business processes and strategies implementation for our clients.

Our Clients


We are serving two types of clients in general :- 


The first type is the buy side clients and they include the international Private Equity funds, Venture Capital Funds, Family Offices and individual angel investors. 


The second type is the sell side clients and they mainly include fast growing companies with their operations in China in the new economy sectors.   And these clients are in their expansion phase therefore are looking for investment funds to fuel their growth.


Most of our business clients are in the education technology, insurance technology, medical & biotech, and the new economy sectors such as green energy companies, disruptive retail and more.


Our Service


We provide a wide range of consulting services facilitating a deal to close.  That includes financial and vendor due diligence service, acting Chief Financial Officer service, institutional investment readiness preparation, exit strategy advisory and implementation, mergers & acquisition consulting, budgeting and financial projections, business valuation indication studies, streamlined ERP and digital accounting advisory and post investment financial control establishment advisory.

Acting CFO



Due Diligence



Mergers & Acquisition


Our People

We are professionals from China, Hong Kong and the US with international accounting and legal firms practicing experience.  We provide quality service and we understand the importance of the practicalities in making the deals work.

Our Focus


We focus on servicing clients with cross-border businesses, and usually they are also clients who would like to adopt automation and digitalization of processes in their expansion.  Our professional consultants are trained to have a solution oriented attitude and we are here to create value to our clients.  We enjoy doing it.

Why CanAsia Group?

We understand the needs of the buy side and sell side of the deal table.

Sell Side

Every entrepreneur is focusing on building her company fast.  She is putting all her time in development of the products, the market, and building up her team.  If she is expanding to new territories such as China, she usually ignores the important financial matters such as a good control over spending, an accurate accounting system, compliance of tax and social security filing of her employees.


Until one day …… a potential investor asks for the detailed financial information as part of the due diligence process.  However, she realized that she might not have the required information and might loose this once in a life time opportunity due to the lack of preparation.


CanAsia team is there to support you.  We have been doing the similar kind of work for the past 25 years


Buy Side

Every investor would like to work with professional accountants and legal consultants in carrying out due diligence work on targets in China.  We worked on deals with established investors such as SOSV Fund, Apis Capital, Sequoia Capital, Doll Capital Management, Legend Capital, Intel Capital, Northern Lights Capital, Prairie Capital and Vantage Point Capital.


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