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Grow your business with technologies

We are good at technology tools and have our own proprietary cloud based ERP software – CanCan 看看™

CanCan看看™ is a unique financial & management accounting software for Small & Medium Enterprises (“SMEs”) in the China market.  It provides accurate financial data for management to make business decisions.  It is a very simple version of those popular mega ERP system giants such as  Oracle and SAP. 

CanCan 看看™ is most effective for business that requires control over financial matters remotely or those who have multiple locations because its data base can store a few companies’ financial data in one database.  


CanCan看看™ is unique because we have the “people” (CanAsia group’s consulting accountants) backing it up and we will help customize the work processes for a quick onboarding process for the use of the CanCan 看看™ software.  We understand both international and local Chinese accounting and tax regulations that makes the digitalization process easy.


The unique environment of China requires a company to maintain at least 2 sets of financial data :- for example : an accurate set of financial & management accounting data for reporting to its USA headquarters and a set of data for tax filing purposes in China.


CanCan看看™ is the only software that is tailored for this market.

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