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CanAsia Group is dedicated to our clients and we are the comprehensive advisory solution to your business

Service Offerings

Acting CFO service


This is an experience driven tailor made service for companies who have taken in investments or are about to take in investments and need some interim financial leadership and team support in their critical moments.

In general this acting CFO service is divided into 4 levels of services and they are:-


  1. CFO level
    We play the role as one of the leaders of the company and offer to the board and CEO/COO the strategic advice on financial matters.  We will manage the financial department function for our clients including setting up the initiatives, direction of the operating budgets, formulating Key Performance Indicators, recruitment of key employees and structure of the finance department.

  2. Finance Director level
    We work with management on pricing strategies, negotiate with suppliers for better credit terms, visit the banks for possible bank loans and prepare financial projections to meet potential investors’ information request requirements.

  3. Controller level
    We work with internal business departments to formulate budgets and implement financial controls over spending, preparing accounts receivable ageing reports and setting approval matrix.

  4. Finance manager/compliance officer level
    We supervise the in-house bookkeepers and tax accountants to prepare an accurate set of financial statements that reflect the operating results and financial position of the company.  We advise on the compliance matters such as VATs and social securities calculation for employees of entities in China.

Financial Due Diligence


We act as trusted consultants to the investment funds to carry out tailor made due diligence procedures on the Chinese target companies’ financial data.  There are in general 4 methodologies our investment fund clients would to adopt:-


  1. Detailed and specific tasks that are tailor made to the special circumstances of the target company such as matching on revenue amounts to supporting evidence or checking on outstanding liabilities;

  2. Site visits to the target companies and spending quality time with the founders and senior management to conduct interviews on important operation data such as the calculation on cost of acquisition of new users;

  3. Validating the assumptions on the financial projections provided by target companies to the potential investors;

  4. Preparation of a comprehensive due diligence report covering the industries key control points such as hidden liabilities, understatement of tax liabilities and understatement of social securities.

Compliance Advisory


We provide business and compliance advisory on-demand services and we carry out employment compliance reviews for international clients who operates a local business in China.

Mergers & Acquisition Consulting


Many clients engage us to provide acting CFO services to them ultimately have a plan to sell off all or part of their business to some interested parties, or carry out some restructurings.


We have been active in the following industries in respect of this deal advisory:-

Green Energy 

Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical

Education & Education Tech

Advertising and Media

Artificial Intelligent Tech

Internet Hired Transportation

New Economy & New Retail

Insurance Tech

We will advise on term sheets, contribute to the negotiations with investors, construction of capital table, preparation of different scenarios financial projections and valuation consulting; and the pre-audit preparation of group companies.

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